AND 217 – Modelling

To model my character had to work out the measurements, to get them I divided the hight of my character in ‘real life’ by 7 to get the height the model would be. From this I created a wire frame to be the ‘skeleton’ and drilling two holes in a piece of wood to make the base. I use plasticine to create the body, shape, and details of my character and use acrylic paint to paint it. Though we didn’t have to I gave my model a pose that would reflect the characters personalty.

I did have a hard time painting it, though that was mostly to my characters design and all the tight places I had to paint.

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Once my detailed model was completed. I had to create simpler one, without the hair, clothing and detail. This one was the one I was going to use to import into Maya. I found it quite challenging creating the second one as it had to be exactly the same proportions as the first and be a more relaxed pose.

AND 217 – Character Design and Colour

My character is called Roxie Foxy, though her full name is Roxanna Fox. She is a singer in a band called Wild Legacy with her friends. She is roughly 18 years old and lives in city with her Uncle Foxworth who is also the manager of the band. She is arrogant, focused, rebellious, determined, calm, creative and a risk taker.

After designing my character and creating a backstory for her, I had to think about her colour palette. I looked at the colours that 80s rock bands wore, and tried out different palettes. It was harder than I though as once I had one perfect colour the rest didn’t look right. Though I decided to keep the colour palette somewhat harmonious but still making it eye-catching.

AND 217 – Character Research

After speaking with my tutor, I decided that to research more on the things that I like and enjoy such as games, movies and Tv shows and look at the characters within them. In the hopes to inspire me and help me create a character.

First I decided to look at games mostly from my childhood, such as Crash Banicoot and Spyro the Dragon. One thing I knew was that character was going be a humanoid animal or anthropomorphic. From looking at these characters, mostly secondary ones, that they had sharp lines and shapes. Thought this could be due to the game play back then.

I also looked at anthropomorphic character in some of my favourites cartoons and movies. Donald Duck from Walt Disney, E. Aster Bunnymund from Rise of the Guardians, Nim from Epic (2013), Po and Tigress from Kung Fu Panda.

From looking at these characters I noticed that their personalities and hobbies tend to be reflect in their character design.

I wanted my character to be based on a fox and maybe have something to do with music. I did consider creating an owl however I think I would have had some difficulties with character design with the wings.

So with what animal my character was going to be based off of, I looked at excising fox characters out their.

I was surprised to see that there wasn’t many Fox cartoon characters as I thought. Robin Hood from Disney’s Robin Hood, Unnamed Irish Fox from Disney’s Mary Poppins, Honest John from Disney’s Pinocchio, Mr Fox from Fantastic Mr Fox, Fox from the TV series Skunk Fu, Foxy Loxy from Disney’s Chicken Little, Swiper the fox from Dora the Explorer, Tail from Sonic the Hedgehog and Fiona Fox from the comics on Sonic the Hedgehog.

I found there was a range of diversity with these characters, from what audience they were aimed at, to their role, and gender. Which meant that my character didn’t have to fit into a certain mould as other characters would have to.

AND 217 – Character Sketches

For my second year of University, I had three different modules. This one was divided into two, to learn to use Maya (a 3D animation program) and to create and model a character. That one it was finished, create it in Maya.

Unfortunately, the first lesson I was Ill and unable to attend. However I was told we had to create character designs and a backstory for these characters.

I create these characters just from the top of my head. Without looking at movies or Tv shows ect. The first one is a Lazy Cat character which hasn’t got a name. When I created him I had Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry character in my head.

The second one was a young female elf character. With this one I drew out to different versions of her. A small / ‘chibi’ version and a more realistic one. While drawing her I was thinking about games I used to and still play, mostly fantasy based ones.

AT this point I didn’t really know if which character I should use to create my model, or just create a new character.

Stop Motion

Stop motion or stop-frame is the animation process where an object is filmed frame by frame – where it is moved incrementally, filmed, then moved again and filmed ect. creating an illusion of fluid movement.

The brief this time was similar to pixelation as we were given the same word to base our animation on – attraction. We also had to use found and broken computer and machine parts to build the sets.

We thought of doing a love story this time but it got scraped as we over heard another group planning the same thing. It wasn’t until I mention an old lamp looked like a ray gun, that we had an idea for our animation. That an evil genius build a ray gun, something goes wrong and instead of zapping people it makes people fall in love. After tweaking the idea, we finally came up with a storyboard. Having the evil genus working in his lab and on the ray gun while he says his inner monolog. The ray gun is a shrink ray and he is going to shrink everyone for being taller than him and for bullying him when he was younger, (we are going to have a flash back of when he was bullied), and a close up of him flicking the switch. We are going to have the ray gun hit three time, the 1st on two people on a bench when hit cuddle, 2nd on a man and his dog and 3rd on a big guys who walks in to the lab (while the evil genius is having a tantrum because his ray gun didn’t go as plan) and hug the evil genius.

Building the set took a lot more time and effort than we originally though. Due to the shots that we need we build two sets, one the lab and the other a park, because of this we decided it would be more time efficient to build them both out of cardboard rather than wood. We all took part on building the sets and the props needed though, I took most of the responsibility to make sure it looked right and we had every thing we need. While one of my team members made the models.

We had to keep the models design simple as we had four-five characters and we did’t want them too complex as then we would not have time to film.

Editing the footage after filming was more complex than the previous animations. Some parts had to be taken out, speeded up and slow down, as well as rearranged. We were given some advice for the shots with the evil genius at his ray and the part with the victims, that you down see him look out of the window, so we were suggested to put a circle on the park footage to make the evil genius seem as if he is looking through to outside.
That was done on animate pro/toon boom, as well as the zaps and the hearts shown in the animation.

For the voice effects I did some but we asked Purple again to dot the voice over. WE gave him little instruction other that who the character was and why he was building the ray gun. So must of it was improvised. I’m glad we asked he to do the voice over again as I feel it add some comedy to the animation.