AND 207 New Moodboard

I decide to slightly change my concept for my music video. It will still take place in an underground bar, but the time period has chanced. I decided to based it off of Film Noir and the 1940s. Looking at Femme Fatales actresses such as Marlene Dietrich and Rita Hayworth. The images below as only a few which I will use as inspiration and as a guideline in creating a scene and characters for my music video.

AND 207 Ident Logo and Colour Development

I mostly experimented with blues and purples as both are my favourite colours; as well as grey (harmonius) and Orange (contasting) just to see what they look like. I also experimented with how I added colour to ‘Doodle’ making look at if a child coloured it in. Even though I liked it I found it distracting, and just kept with the solid colour.

I decide on the colour blue for ‘doodle’ and a light purple for the character, (my favourite colours and colour of my room). I changed the ‘doodle’ as I didn’t like the boxy text before, and decided just to use my own handwriting because it is more personal. I also experimented with the width of the outline, seeing how each part looked without an outline, a thinner one and a slightly darker coloured one.

I decided to go with the darker coloured outlines as black just looked to ‘heavy’.

After showing my ident to some of my class mates they said that my character reminded them of the character off of the NPower advert. So I looked at giving him more horns on his head. And decided on the three as the two looked too much like devil horns.

My idea was to have my ident ‘on paper’. I try different types of paper background and the lined paper one looks the best.

AND 207 – Ident Ideas

Coming up with ideas for my ident was hard for me. The ident is to represent us in a way, who we are, what we like and what we want to achieve / do in animation.

At first I thought I could create something linking with my name, cos I like my name. Or perhaps with one of my middle names ‘Alice’. However I quickly scraped the idea mostly because of the 150th anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and I didn’t want people to look at my ident and think Alice in Wonderland.
Second, I though something with time. I am known to be OCD with time keeping. Always hurrying my friends and classmates along when it is nearly time for the next lesson, or if we are going to be late. However I wanted my ident to reflect my animation/art style and to be fun.

So I decided that my ident will have a little character / mascot, and will relate to how draw, quick sketches or doodles.

I decided on the name doodle as it sounded better that scribble, and scribble suggest poor quality.

Above are sketches of possible mascots (normal, squash and stretch) and possible logos. I decided to start with what it would look like at the end and work backwards, as I found this was easier and less hassle.

A quick storyboard showing how my ident will be animated. Possible mad using photoshop, Toon Boom and After Effects.

Using After Effects I will make my little mascot (nicknamed Bug) look as if he has been drawn in, he will blink before walking right across the screen. Revealing the name ‘Doodle’ as he does. He will stop and the screen will zoomed out showing the name and Bug. After ‘animations’ will appear as if it has been written.

My aim is to make it look similar to 80s cartoon animation, like Rhubarb and Custard.