AND 333 – Intro

For this module in my third year, we have several things that need to be done.

The first is to create a showreel of our work as well as complete a live brief that would also be included into the show reel.

For my showreel I will mostly have my character design and concept art, as the area I’m looking to go into is pre-production.

As well as the show reel, as a group we have to design and pitch a game app.

With the group discussion we decided on a stealth based game. Based around the idea that the playable character is a thief and you work your way up the be the best thief in the city.

To advance in the game you steal items, money ect. to raise your reputation/ level. And depending on the characters level depends how difficult it is to steal from a certain house or building. The more experience you have the more value an item is.

The game is inspired by Victorian England thought not based in any known Victorian city, it is a city we have made ourselves.

The player at the start can choice which gender (male or female) to be and throughout the game , the player will have the chance to upgrade / earn new clothing and hairstyles. As well as equipment that will help the player throughout the game.

The game is about stealth, their will be no fighting or violence on out game.

We thought of having an ally option. That you gave so much reputation that you are able to recruit others into your thief guild. And these allies can be use to distract or go out on separate missions. However their is a chance that they could fail and go to jail,and if they do you have three chances to get them out of jail before you lose them.

Within the game their will be five main areas with the city to explore and steal from. The slums where the character starts out, the port, the high street where the shops are located, the rich area and royalty area.

As this is a group project the work will be evenly disputed amongst us. My job will be designing the backgrounds for the game as well as the background animation.

If you wish to look at other work for the game app here is the link:

AND 207 Finished Music Video

After much thought (and some input from classmates and tutors) I decided to keep the old film effect on my music video.

However I didn’t know wether to change the saturation to make it black and white or keep a bit of colour. In the end I decided to reduce the saturation but keep it so that you can tell the colours apart and see what the colours are.

AND 207 Making of the music video

To create my music video I made the backgrounds and the stills in FireAlpaca (a free art program and used Toon Boom to created the animation.

Within Toon Boom I was to find a tool that did a similar thing to the technique i was using to colour the background and stills. Once I got the animation down, I added a colour layer underneath as a based, then added the blur effect to a new drawing layer and added colour. In the matte view its messy and just scribbles how however in the render view you can see the effects of the blur. I did this for all of my animated parts, exporting them with out a background.

I remembered a worry that I perviously had about the animation not standing out against the background. It was suggested that I look at the technique that created the Juno title sequence and find an After Effects tutorial on it.  I followed it and though I do like the effect, it gives a too modern affect to the clip not really what I was after.           However the fear I had of the animation not standing out was for nor.

Once the animation and the stills were done, I put them into the correct order in After Effects. Then I reduced the saturation of my clips to take away the brightness and dull them down making them look ‘old’. To add the shadows and light I added a black solid layer and reduced the opacity before doing the same using masks to create added shadows and light were it was needed. Having the reduced black opacity layer then the ‘light’ layers over the top gave my clips an added smokey effect, which what I had wanted for my music video as it is set in a smokey 1940s lounge bar.

When I started out with my idea for my music video, I wanted to added an old film effect over it, jut to give it a bit extra. However I wasn’t sure. I added to a small section of my music video to see what it would look like.

With the old film effect it looks good at the darker parts of the video, but at the part were there are a lot of ‘light’  you can see the marks of the old film more clearly and it is distracting. So after some feedback from my classmates and tutor I decided to reduce the opacity of the old film and render a old film version a lot side a ‘clean’ version.

AND 207 Music video: Set design and concept art

I needed to create a setting my music video and because I had so many different angles it would be difficult to visualise the scene in my head. So I used a program called SkecthUp with allows you to create 3D models of building and/or rooms that you are able to zoom in and rotate.  At first the bar I created was large and was crowded with tables. This I found out later would be hard to draw multiple time so I changed it into a smaller bar with only five tables. And the only people that would be present in the bar would be my main characters. I used Ronnie Scotts Bar, Soho in London as a reference for the smaller bar.

I will move the ‘room’ into the shot that I want, export a 2D version of it then trace over it and add details to create the background for my music video.

Before I started my music video I decided to do concept art of a possible shot in my music video, to help my understand the lighting that I wanted to create within my video. It was also practice for the colouring technique i was going to use. Having a light brown/cream based colour underneath then add the real colour over the top using a watercolour brush and then the blur brush to take the sharpness away.

Concept art

Finished concept art