Final Charity Animation

When I had completed my animation, I remember that I wanted to place a place filter on top to add the cutout effect that I wanted to create.

I tried to over lay a paper texture, but it just muted the colours of my animation which I did not want to happen. So I changed the opacity of the layer till you could just tell there was a paper effect. I did try and change the colour levels of the animation, however again this just muted the colours. So I just had the paper filter over the top.

For the music, I originally just wanted just to have the sound of the waves. I did go out and record my own sound, however it was too windy and all you come hear was the wind blowing over the mike. So I got the sound from I then thought to add music, just to add something to my animation. At first I had cheery music, to match the animation style. But after discussing with my tutor decided to go with something more melancholy due to the seriousness of the message of the video. The music was taken from


Charity Tester animations

Above is a tester animation of what my finished animation could look like when done. I drew the balloon in photoshop then using After Effects to animate it moving. A method that I will use for my final animation.

Above is a tester animation of waves. I thought to try and figure out how to animate waves before starting my final animation. Though I understand how to animate waves crashing on to the beach. I know that in the future that the actual wave needs to be further away from the beach.

Observational Drawings for charity animation

Because I wanted to include the wildlife and animals that are affected by balloon litter. I thought it would be best to do observational drawings of them, so when I come to draw them for my final animation they will look the way they are suppose to look. Even though my animation will have a cartoon feel to it, I still want the wildlife to be recognisable.
The wildlife that will be included in the animation will be a turtle, a whale (its tail), a seagull, a dolphin and a cow.

As I wanted to show the damage that balloon litter has on the wildlife, with out being too graphical, as it will be shown to children but still get the message across. I though of showing x-rays of the animals (the dolphin and the cow), showing that the balloon and sky lantern litter can get into the wildlife’s stomachs and kill them.

More Concept Art for charity animation

The concept art above are just experimentation and development on the different colouring styles of what my charity animation could look like. I wanted to add a paper texture to the animation due to it being digital cut out. And with this texture decided to make my animation more eye catching by changing the colour levels.

colouring style

Above is testers, on different colouring styles and out lines. I wanted
to see which one look the best as just having the black outline made the image look too harsh. I decided to go with number four as it looked the most aesthetically pleasing, and the outline wasn’t as harsh as the black bold out line. Plus the shading makes the image more interesting to look at.


new background2

After getting my primary research, I decided to try and redraw some concept art. Which I think looks better than the previous ones. The waves and water look the way that they should and the image generally is better and more pleasing to look at.

Primary Source for Charity Animation

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Above is a slide show of the primary source imagery that I collected. I needed to know how the waves moved and looked. How the light bounced off of the surface. I will also use these photo as references when I am animating and designing my final animation

Above is a video of me dropping a deflated balloon into some water. I did this as I didn’t know if a deflated balloon made a splash when dropped into water. I found out that it didn’t, that the balloon just lands and cause ripples. Which will come in handy when I start animating.

Charity Animatic

My finished animatic for my charity animation. Though there are a few timing issues that need to be addressed. Such as leaving enough time for children to read the text. As well as some spelling mistakes. When I sent this to the Marine Conservational Society, they were happy with it, though they did have some critiques. They mention the timing and spelling, like I have. But also that there logo was stretched at the end and told me the font that they tend to use, which was myriad pro.

Charity Animation Storyboard

First Try

I found it hard to try and create a story board for my animation. This was mostly due to perhaps the time frame of the animation. I thought that the animation that to be no longer than 60 seconds, and I found it hard to fit in everything I wanted in those 60 seconds.

Second Try

I wanted to include a balloon floating and deflating and showing the damage that balloons and sky lanterns do to the wild life. I wanted to also include some alternatives that are provided on the website that you can do/use instead of letting go of balloons.

Third Try

It took me three tries to get my storyboard right, to a point that I am happy with. After talking to my tutor, it does not matter about long the animation is. As long as you get the message across that you are trying to portray.

I also emailed back the charity in the hope for more resent information concerning balloon litter as the information that was available on the website was a few years dated. They did get back to me with more recent data that I would be able to include in my animation.